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G Trikes now has sole manufacturing rights to ‘Whipstick’, the highly successful HPV racer as used by Wattle Racing. Contact John Taylor (+61) 0417 451 467 for more details and to place an order.


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Whipstick Features

  • Available in Junior, Senior and Pro versions. All feature the same fairing but with detail changes to the chassis and components.
  • Proven Race Record. Recent highlights include; Outright series winners 2019 in both Victoria and South Australia for all 3 community classes contested (Open, Open female and Open Mixed (Vic), under 20 (SA)), outright winner Murray Bridge 2019, four class wins 2019 Energy Breakthrough (Primary, and junior, middle and senior secondary trial winners).
  • The design has been refined by years of development, testing and racing experience.
  • Centre steering for intuitive vehicle control.
  • Headrest and boom are ‘adjustable on the fly’ to suit a wide range of rider sizes typically found in a racing team.
  • Composite seat is contoured with lumbar support and is easily removed for accessing drivetrain.
  • The unique full clam shell design offers the following advantages:
  1. Top is easily removed with removable hinge pin.
  2. Easy access for servicing and wheel changes during race.
  3. Easy to remove chassis from fairing for major servicing and maintenance.
  4. Ease of rider entry and exit.
  5. Lid is a strong structural shape giving excellent overhead protection.
  6. Inside of windscreens easily cleaned.
  7. When opened, multiple actions on the vehicle interior can be performed at the one time.
  8. Reliable, strong and secure dual latching system.



Whipstick Specifications: (Junior, Senior and Elite versions available)

Because of ongoing design improvement, these specifications are subject to change without notice. A degree of variation to these specifications may be possible on request for a custom build.


Chassis: Aircraft Grade 4130 Chromium Molybdenum steel alloy, powder coated, Satin black.

Cruciform design. Pro model features additional bracing to increase chassis stiffness.

Seat: Composite, body contoured with lumbar support, easily removed to give full access to components underneath.

Max rider height (approximate): J 170cm, S 185cm, E 190cm   

Front wheel track:  J 630, S 630, E 635

Wheelbase: J 1235, S 1250, E 1265

Brakes: Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes, front wheels only, independent control.

Drivetrain: Low drag, all roller, 10 speed chain, 11-23 cassette. Bar end friction shifter.

Chainwheel: Typical sizing: J 70 tooth, S 73 tooth, E 80 tooth. Options available.

Cranks:  Alloy narrow profile, J 155mm, S 160mm, E 165mm

Wheels: All wheels 16” Tru Blu 32 spoke except Pro front wheels which are Tru Blu 36 spoke.

Tyres: Racing Slick, Tru Blu or Greenspeed Scorcher

Steering: Centre steering with adjustable steering response.

Horn Switch: fitted to steering grip with flex ready for fitting of horn and battery (not included)


FAIRING: Full clam shell canopy, epoxy resin infused Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass. Front mounted nylon marine hinge.

Latch system: Dual, two stage automotive style latches, operated by rear handle or internal pull cable.

Taillight: Red LED light strip included in rear latch handle. 9v battery secured to chassis.

Impact Protection: Fairing features composite reinforced ribs and panels as typically required by event rules. Steel front roll bar fixed to chassis.

Safety Harness: 4 point

Guards: Carbon Chain guard, Alloy chain wheel disks. (Composite front wheel enclosures and rear hair guard are available as an optional extra.)


Prices; Junior from $9700, Senior from $9900, Pro from $10200  plus GST



  1. Trike is supplied ‘ready to ride’, ie chassis is complete and fitted to fairing. Fairing will require painting and fitting of supplied windscreens and edge seal.
  2. To be ‘race ready’ will require the purchase and fitting of additional items in accordance with event rules. This may include horn, speedometer, headlight, additional guarding of wheels, rider ventilation, mirrors, visibility markings etc. Visit our website to purchase these items.
  3. Every effort is made to make the vehicle compliant with the various event rules that are in use around Australia. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure compliance with any event they participate in. It should also be noted that rules can change from year to year so that compliancy must be checked every racing season.



  1. Rear wheel guard: composite, $75
  2. Front wheel enclosures, composite, with chassis sealing panels and mounting components, parts only, not fitted : $600