Our Trikes

 After achieving great results including 15 Design and Construction awards, race wins and lap records we decided to extend our skills and knowledge to helping and working with schools and other teams to help them improve their programs and vehicles. With years of experience racing and building we think we've come up some great vehicles that we're able to offer to teams that are not only fast and stable designs but due to their adjustability are perfect for all teams and especially those teams with difference of sizes. 

While we offer our vehicles to other teams we also love working with teams to either help you build it or build it for you if you don't have the facilities we can make your dream a reality. We also have plenty of experience with composites and are able to offer our skills and knowledge to help with repairs and modifications. 

Head to our online store to see our latest offerings  --> https://g-trikes.myshopify.com/collections/trikes